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Murderer Mauritz

This day started with me missing the breakfast, and just in time arriving for the watch of 08- 12.

Well at quarterdeck I met many shocked faces, and it soon accrued that a murder had been commit onboard Gunilla.

I should admit I wasn’t a witness of this crime, but soon enough the story of how watch leader Mauritz had killed a poor bird soon were told. Apparently, the bird had hit one of the masts and broke its leg, so Mauritz chopped its head off, making blood streaming on deck, and the body plumping in the water.

Today I was a bit depressed by the bird’s death, and not for today being helmsman, watchout and lifeguard, which as always is funny.

We were the whole day followed by the Gulden Leeuw, which we first afterword’s understood must have sent that bloody bird of theirs. Speaking of animals, we saw some dolphins, which jumped as “jumping tosse” should do.

Overall it was a very pleasant watch, which went surprisingly fast. Also, the day went fast, sunbathing, and then falling asleep for a while.

The night shift got a great turn, rosehip cream, you’ll see, fika can make a night.

Kyra Jonsson, Starboard

Publicerad: 2017-10-03

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