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A different sort of blog…

Normally this blog would start off with something like: “Hello everyone at home” and then continue with how the day was and what the weather was like. But since you must have read a lot of those blogs recently I thought I would do something different today.

Instead of telling you about my day (which by the way was good) I am going to tell you about some expressions that only exist here on Gunilla.

Here they are:

“After a fire alarm party”

After a fire alarm party is a rare phenomena only known on Gunilla. After a fire alarm has gone off and everyone has gathered outside to make sure it was only a false alarm and that everyone is okay the adrenalin in the air is almost touchable, especially at night time. When everything has been checked and we are allowed to go back inside, instead of going back to sleep, music often start playing and people start dancing and talking and laughing. Even if its in the middle of the night.

“The herb salt war”

To understand this phenomenon I have to explain two things. First you have to now what herbal salt is. It is a form of salt mixed with different herbs and it´s very good with everything except pancakes. Secondly I have to make sure that you guys at home understand that we are out sailing for weeks and we only have a certain amount of food onboard. For example we have 240 kg of hot dogs with us. But when the chefs ordered the herb salt something went wrong and now we have only have ten small cans of herb salt (for 52 people). This has ended up in a crisis that now goes under the name “the herb salt war”.

“The incredible art of stand-up sleeping”

Normally I have to be in a dark, quiet room to be able to sleep. But after a total of over fourteen weeks sailing with Gunilla I have learned something new, to stand up and sleep. It is hard in the beginning but after some training I have now become a master. When you are on the night watch, between 12 and 4 in the morning for example, you can get really tired but you are not aloud to lie down on watch. And if you fall asleep easily you are not allowed to sit either. Therefore you have to learn how to stand up and sleep. If you are thinking of going sailing with Gunilla in the future you can contact me for more information and further understanding…

Now you have some true “inside expressions” from life on Gunilla. I hope you found them very interesting.

Best regards Nora


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