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Arriving in A Coruña

After seasickness, hard work, big waves and wind over Biscayan water, the pilot came aboard so that we could arrive A Coruña. We guys in starboard ended nightwatch at 4am (Wednesday) so we slept until noon this first day at port.

We had the first portwatch today. It has been a normal working day (except the longtime sleep at the morning)

  • 12:00 the watch started, but first we ate lunch
  • 12:45 different working projects started, for example; painting, grinding, washing and taring. My work was to clean and wash things like painting cans ec. that we should stow away into the front cargo(förpiken).
  • 3pm 15 minutes break fika.
  • 3:15 end of the break
  • Intensive, hard, good locking work continued gladly.
  • 5:ish we started to clean the interior of Gunilla.
  • 6:00 dinner, good food, end of watch

I don’t have so much more to tell about this day, the watch days is pretty dull and the same as all other working days.

I hope you have a good time in Sweden, we are missing you so much haha! Not/yes? It’s Your choice how to interpret.

Daniel Johansson (Hönö), starboard watch


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