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Stones and scones

Our stay in England is almost coming to an end, but we won’t leave before we’ve seen the maybe most famous collection of rocks in the whole world: Stonehenge! 

Yes, that’s right. Today we all went on a field trip to see the famous, mysterious stones that are thousands of years old. Before we came to Portsmouth, Lisa presented the itinerary for the upcoming week, and we learned some background information about the huge tourist attraction. For instance, we learned that there have been plenty if different theories about how the stones came to stand they way they do, but some were crazier than others. We also learned that some of the stones come all the way from Wales. So, naturally, now we were all looking forward to seeing Stonehenge in person.

We had the whole day planned with activities. On top of Stonehenge, we were also going to visit a town called Salisbury where we would have some free time and enjoy afternoon tea. But first we had to get to the stones, and this we were doing by coach. The ride took us about an hour and a half. The highway was jammed with traffic so the driver took us via some smaller roads through an area called the New Forest. The New Forest once served as hunting grounds for Henry the eighth. Today, there are wild ponies roaming free in the area, which we got to see plenty of.

After one and a half hours we arrived at the visitor center at Stonehenge. By this time, it was overcast and raining, but spirits were still high. A shuttle took us up to the stone where there was a footpath you could walk on around the stones. Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to go closer than around 30 meters to the stones, which was a bit disappointing. Overall, Stonehenge was cool but a little overrated and touristy. The most eventful thing was when Erik jumped over the fence and touched one of the big stones right in front of a security lady. He instantly got ”arrested” by security and was escorted off the premises.

After having visited Stonehenge we took the coach back to the town of Salisbury. First, we had about an hour of free time and so we walked around the streets. I didn’t get too see as much of Salisbury as I would have liked to but it was still nice. Later, we all went to a café together and we enjoyed typical afternoon tea and scones. It was delicious! On the bus ride back to the boat I listened to some Elton John since some friends and I went and saw the Rocket Man movie at the movies yesterday (I highly recommend the movie!).

After dinner we ended the day with a walk around the shops in the Gunwharf Quays Marina, before we went back to the boat and went to bed. Hope you’ve had a good day at home too!

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