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The golden cirkel

The day started with me rushing to breakfast to grab something quick to eat and make a sandwich and a lunchbox which consisted of pasta and some vegetables for the long day trip which was ahead of us.

After the line-up we had half an hour to pack the things we needed for the 10 hour trip, but I was prepared because I had packed most of my things the night before. Because of this fact I could take it easy and have a cup of coffee while I saw my other classmates wishing we had twice the time to pack.

When we first entered the buss we were met with a really nice lady. The lady was going to be our guide for the duration of the trip. The first busstop was an hour away from Gunilla. We were met by a strong wind and a and a typical islandic summer. The spot we stoped at was a really popular tourist atraction, it was because this was one of the few places were you could se the tiktonic plates above sealevel. We started to walk in between the plates ant it was a really unique unique view.It was like the earth was split in two. Well technically it is split.

After walking in the rift for about thirty minutes we began hearing pouring water. It was a waterfall that was created from the plates coliding an "building" a way for the glacierwater to run down to the river that was just below the rift.

The second destination the guide had prepared for us was to go see a really big waterfall. The waterfall could be heard from many hundreds of meters away. We slowly approached the ferocious force comming from the flowing water. I was met by a sight I never had seen before. The water was the biggest waterfall I have seen in my life and it was ear-numbing loud.

The third and most anticipated destination was the hot springs The springs were located up in the mountains and if we walk with speed in our steps we would be there in fifty minutes. The walk up the mountains were tiring and hard but I carried on with my eyes wet on the hotsprings After forty minutes I was next to the so called hotsprings. I got a little disapointed at first because it was only a shallow flowing stream. But after I had put on my swimmingtrunks and walk in to the warm water the dissapointment disapeared and I was instead relaxing in the yhe hot glacier water.

After a whole day of staggering views and relaxing baths we were on Gunilla again and I fell asleep before I even could unpack.

Arvid Bäck


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