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10 hours of constant rain

Today it’s the 18th of October. My morning started just like any other morning, the landbridge guard woke me up at 07:00 am and I soon realised that my bed sheet was on the floor. It wasn’t that cold in the room because the AC in the ship is broken and wont be fixed until we arrive in La Lineá.

I crawled out of bed to the wardrobe and put on some clothes. I walked to the breakfast with my roommates Mir, Eskil and Anton. Todays breakfast was the usual, oat porrige, eggs, cerial, bread with ham, cheese, marmelade and tomatoes. To drink was tropical juice, orange juice, tea and coffee.

After breakfast, everyone in Starboard went to the “today’s work plan” paper and I got the worst landbridge guardning time, from 08:00am to 18:00 pm, and that was when the 10 hours of pure hell (rain) started.

The whole time I was on landbridge guard it rained! And the only thing I could do to keep myself from breaking down pshysically was to go on round watch. Round watch is when you walk around the ship and make sure that there’s no fire, and you also switch all the wet towels around the ship to dry ones. I also ate a lot of food and drank a lot of coffee to keep myself awake.

When my long day had finally come to its end and I looked forward to a good nights sleep, I realised that I have a landbridge guard pass tonight from 01:30am to 03:30am.

Oliver, Starboard


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