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25 knots of wind coming from straight ahead

Today was a day on the sea just like any other day. It’s a lot harder writing your blog while at sea rather than when you’re ashore just because everyday is like two days cause of the awkward sleep schedule. Neither do I have any clue what time of the day it is and eight in the morning feels exactly like eight in the evening and I always have to look at my phone to know what the real time is.

At the moment we have 25 knots of wind coming from straight ahead, we
also have counter current which slows us down even further. So right now
we are moving forward with the massive speed of 1.5 knots. The plan was
that we would arrive today but now we’re not even sure if we will arrive
tomorrow. One day here and there doesn’t matter so much though and in
the end it’ll just be a part in the big mess of memories. When you’re in
port it’s quite easy to remember different days but the different sea
legs are just a big mess and the only help to remember are pictures and
maybe i’ll read old blogs when I get back home.

I hope that we’ll get some better wind for the next sea leg so we don’t
have to hear the captain complain and so that we won’t have the rough
sea that we have at the moment. It’s like we’re riding off the edge of a
way into free fall before crashing into the next wave and then doing
that over and over for a few days. It’s quite annoying because you can’t
predict how the boat will move and how to brace if you don’t want to

For each day that pass it feels like Sweden is coming closer and in just
a few days i’ll be laying in my own bed.

Rasmus Backman


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