Öckerö gymnasium

29 of may

The day started abrubtly with watch right at 12 am. We had just departed
from the port of St. malo just 6 hours earlier so we were ready to set
sail. We were going to have watch from 12am til 4 am. Sadly there was no
wind and the little wind there were was blowing in the wrong direction.
So we could only travel on motor. This meant however that it was very
peaceful and it was very nice to see the lights of Jersey and Guernsey
in the distance.

Sometimes you have to be lookout, steer the boat and life bouy guard.
This night it was my turn. I started of with steering the boat which I
did for 30 minutes before we rotated. The next halfhour I was life bouy
guard. This means that i have to look out for the crew and make sure
none falls into the water. It is rather nice because it is very peacful
but I does get a bit boring after doing it for a while. After another
halfhour I became lookout, it is rather simple. I stand at the front of
the ship and watch out for ships, bouys and other similar things. But
the best part of the nightwatch is the break at 2am where we got to eat
some freashly baked scones. However the scones were a bit strange. They
for some reason got very flat and looked almost like a cookie.

After the watch i went to sleep and woke up 7 hours later. I ate
breakfast at 11 am and the watch started an hour later. I was
workingforce, but there was no work to be done, so we played a twister
instead. We did that for around 30 minutes. Then we trained how to do
knots and the diffrent ropes around the boat. After the watch I went and
studied and evetually I went to sleep. Then I woke up once again for the
nightwatch for the next day.



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