Öckerö gymnasium


Today was the best sailing day yet on the entire trip!

We had all ten big sails set, we've been doing seven knots the entire day and the sun has been shining. Before morning watch I dreamt that I was home in my room in Sweden and that all my plants had grown into a jungle, covering all the walls. Then after morning watch, since it's Sunday, the chefs made us all eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then at 15:40 it was time for the big meeting we have every Sunday at sea. It's the time where we can complain about things that're not as good as they could be here on the boat and, of course, good things too. It could be anything from people not keeping their food times to the general mood among us pupils, and then we try to make plans to better the problem. At the meeing the chefs were feeling even more kind and made us cinnamonbuns. This evening I cut my hair to spice up my day and it tured out pretty well. Not my best work because of the waves but certanly good enough. It feels like this week-long sailing will be a good one.

Maya, starbord


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