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9 knots

Right now Gunilla is on her way to Malaga. We got 9 days ahead of us. These 9 days are our last sealeg for this route. A great watch has gotten by and hopefully we have some good time ahead of us too.

During our watch Gunilla reached 9 knots without the machine. I think it’s a new record for our trip. We had a really good sailing today with great wind. We people in midship had the watch between 8am to 12pm. Yesterday on our night watch me and Rado began to do the end-cleaning in byssan (the kitchen onboard). We cleaned the ceiling, the walls and the shelves. We’ve already started to end-clean here on Gunilla which feels a little weird. Yesterday for fika we had quesadillas, which me and Rado made. At the beginning it was a little difficult to not burn the bread, but in the end it actually turned out really well. I think the most of midship liked the quesadillas. On our day watch we trimmed the sails a lot. The whole watch needed to work together and it was really fun. Like usually everyone was very hungry during the watch. So 20 minutes after we got of the shift we finally got to enjoy the lunch. After lunch we had some classes. Today we worked with chemistry and started to write our essays about limestone caves, after that we got an hour to do own choice. After the classes I took a nap before our night watch.

To sum up, it´s been six amazing weeks and I´m already looking forward to our next trip. During our trip I´ve noticed that I’ve forgotten what day it is. Wether it’s Monday or Thursday doesn’t really matter to me; I enjoy all days here on Gunilla.

That was all from me here on Gunilla, I´m out (*or I´m going to sleep).

Elin, Midship


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