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Abandon ship and ice cream in Cadiz

Today we had fire practice and abandon the ship exercise, everything went well so we celebrated with ice cream.

After we had eaten breakfast and had our line-up, it was time for the exercise. We pretended to be out at sea and that the fire developed so we had to abandon the ship. It was fun. When the fire alarm started we event up on deck and had a line-up when everyone was there we whent to our life raft group and took one life west and prepered to jump in a life raft we never got into a raft but we was ready to jump in one.

Later in the afternoon I went to the beach and tolk a bath. When I finished bathing, we took a walk to the town for dinner. The last thing I did in the evening was to eat an ice cream on a sataircase outside a church as an end in Cádiz.

Tobias Andersson, portside watch


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