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A beautiful day at sea

Today started with an early morning as we woke up at 03:30 for our morning watch. I never thought I would say this but waking up at 03:30 can actually be pretty nice sometimes.

I believe the sun agrees with this statement as it has been waking up earlier and earlier every morning. Before half an hour of the watch had gone, the sun was already rising above the horizon. Additionally, it was a beauty of a sunrise. I don't think there's any place on earth where sunrises/sunsets are more beautiful than at sea. This sunrise was almost like a rainbow going upwards from the horizon. First red, then orange, yellow, light blue and lastly dark blue.

On this particular morning I was on lookout duty which meant I had lots of time to look at the sunrise and the sea. I saw a couple of fishing boats and some birds which I think were Fulmars. This might not seem that interesting but after being out in the open sea for over 10 days having only seen water as long as the eye can see, this was like christmas.

After the watch I ate breakfast, slept for a couple of hours and ate lunch. Between lunch and the afternoon watch we have our lesson. Today I finished writing a P.E. assignment on the ergonomics of our work on the boat which was very nice as this assignment has been bugging me for a while.

At 16 o'clock it was time for watch again but unlike this morning I was in the workforce. The workforce is my favorite watch duty as I get to handle the sails. This afternoon we started by trimming the sails so we would go as quickly as possible. Sadly we also had to take down a couple of sails as the wind turned and came in almost right from the front. After taking down sails we always have to climb up in the mast to furl the sail. Today, me and two of my friends took this opportunity to take our phones with us, secured in our harnesses, and take some photos from the top of the mast. Afterwards we spend the rest of the watch trimming more sails and singing Swedish ballads and shanties.

When our watch had ended it was quickly bed time again as I knew I would have to wake up at 03:30 tomorrow again.

/David Jendeby, Portside


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