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A birthday in Madeira!

Today was my birthday and I started my day at the daily line up where everyone sang the birthday song for me. I also got a marabou as a birthday present from my teacher, so nice of her!

We had free time all day and decided to walk to the beautiful city Funchal. We bought some really good ice cream from a cozy little ice cream store, we ate brunch at a restaurant where we also met some of our classmates. The restaurant had very tasty food. I ordered a crepe with Nutella and vanilla ice cream and a toast with ham and cheese. We also bought some delicious fruits in a cute little fruit store. When we got in the store they gave us a lot of fruits to try that I have never tried before. For example dragon fruit, yellow dragon fruit, pineapple banana and tomato passionfruit. I decided to buy a yellow dragon fruit because it tasted very sweet and good. After that we bought some candy for the next sea trip. The last day before every sea trip all of us visit a supermarket for some candy, chips and soft drinks. Our class is crazy about candy and loves it so much.

After a good time in the city we went back to the boat and played some games and guitar. You often hear people play guitar on the boat and I like it very much. It’s cozy and gives good vibes. We also did a work out on the quay. We did some running and different exercises. We also ate our delicious fruits and did some climbing in the rig. It was beautiful to see Funchal from the top in the dark. Everything was dark but a thousand of lights lit up the city. Luckily I brought my phone with me so I could take some pictures. We had a lot of fun climbing in the rig.

Thanks to my friends I had a very good birthday here in Madeira and I hope you all had a good day at home too.

Emilia, SA2023


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