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A day at sea

If I would ask everyone at Gunilla to summarise today in five words, I bet most of us would say something like; “hot”, “bath”, “Cuba”, “sails” and “turtle”. Because that is pretty much what this day has contained of.

We have only been sailing for a little more than 2 days now. Although, the routines onboard already maintain naturally. Besides having our watch, eating (as many of you probably know, we do that a lot), sleeping and studying, we also stopped for a while to take a swim in the ocean. There was almost no wind at all which made sailing an issue. The lack of wind also resulted in that working onboard felt twice as hard due to the heat. Therefore, a stop to cool down in the ocean for a while sounded good both for us students/ trainees as well to the crew.

Although I would say the bathing- break definitely was the highlight of the day, other things have of course happened as well. For example; most of us managed to get a glimpse of a turtle today at watch (which was very cool!). We have also been waving to a lot of curios Americans when they have been passing by with their fishing boats (we are still outside the coast of Florida). We have also set a lot of sails, but we have also taken down some, to later set some more (yes, it's a never-ending task).

Today was also the first day of lessons and normal studies onboard. Besides introductions, we kicked it all off by watching a documentary about Cuba. The main focus of the studies now circulates around preparing for Cuba. Everyone is looking forward to arrive, and the preparations of the studies is a good reminder of that it's really close now ;)

So, after telling you guys about our day onboard, I think we all probably could agree on that the five words; “Hot”, “bath”, “Cuba”, “sails” and “turtle” is a good summary. As you probably can tell it's also been a very good one. I hope for many days similar like this for the rest of the trip.

Best regards,

My Magnusson and SA1720


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