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A day at sea

Today we had a superb day of calm sailing. With beautiful weather, dolphins jumping all around us, the day was as good as can be.

Our watch started at 4:00 AM, we started off by doing some maintenance around the ship, and after about an hour of tidying things up we spent some time practicing knots and climbing the rig in order to get familiar with climbing and gain enough confidence to safely climb at night. During this watch my task was checking temperatures, pressures and a multitude of different things of similar nature in the engine room. Included in this task was also washing towels, aprons and bedsheets all night.

After our early morning watch ended we got a few hours of sleep and then had lessons for three hours before we had yet another watch at. During this time we got to sail with all 18 sails set for the first time. Once again we climbed the rig making minor adjustments to make sailing easier. After we got off watch we watched a movie and then went to bed.

Albin Wallin, Styrbord


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