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A day at sea

Yesterday we left Porto Santo and now we are on our way to Ponta delgada. It is the first day at the sea so like always almost everybody is very seasick. There is not much to do actually, you need to eat, drink water and to sleep!

I have the four to eight watch, which means for those who do not know, that I am working from four to eight. On our night watch we did not do much, the other watch had already puten up some sails and we were sailing in nine knop, that was very fun! But as the night kept going it was getting colder and colder. I was going inside to put some more clothes on, but luck for me and bad luck for Ellen who was being seasick and asked me to be in the galley instead of her. For those who do not know what a galley is, it is the kitchen where we cook and clean in the night, but most important it is inside which means it is warmer than outside and that was the only thing that mattered to me when Ellen asked me. I happily changed clothes and began to clean the galley.

After the watch I went to sleep, I slept through the whole afternoon. I think that is my seasickness, that I get really tired and have a really bad headache. When I woke up it was only twenty minutes to the big meeting were we students and the adults met and talked about what is good with the boat and what can be better. We also talk about what the sea plan is. It is a pretty good meeting were we students can say if we would like to change something.

Ida Rizvanovic.


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