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A day full of disappointment

What if we had visited an empty and deserted Hamburg? Hadn’t been fun at all!

This morning, 7 o´clock, all the sleepyheads at Gunilla woke up to a beautiful song made by 3 beautiful students! First, we ate breakfast and at 8 o’clock the bell ringed, the two flags were hissed and our morning meeting had begun. It was at the morning meeting we got the information that our trip to Hamburg wasn’t going to happen. Not today either way. Instead of going today we’re taking the train on Tuesday. Our disappointment did not last long though, because Sundays is not a fun day to visit Germany. For some reason, every shop is closed and the whole town is dead.

After the morning meeting, almost everyone went back to sleep again, there among me. At lunch, everyone was awake again, happy and full of new energy! Me and my friends decided to go out, even if the town was dead, to take some photos and with some luck find an open supermarket. We went through some nice alleys and took some cool photos. We also jumped in some fountains and took a nice walk along the canal. Germany is known for their delicious marzipan, so we decided to go in to one of the shops and ended up with our hands full of marzipan! We found a café with nice-looking ice cream. Our big expectations about the ice cream turned out to be a real disappointment when the waiter came in with big bowls but small scoops. The ice cream was expensive and it didn’t even taste that good. We looked everywhere for an open shop but everything was kind of closed (except from some cafés and the marzipan-store).

Finally, we found a little shop open where we all bought candy. Everyone was happy and pleased with the day (all though there was no trip to Hamburg, no shops open and a disappointment visit at the café) and we lived happily ever after!

Big hugs from me, Alexandra!



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