Öckerö gymnasium

A day full of sun, beautiful views and music

My day today has been really good. Today was a really sunny day here in Lisbon.

The day started as usual with everyone gathering on deck at eight watching when we raised the Swedish flag aswell as the guestflag. At the morning meeting the cabins got inspected by the command and today it was only three or four that had been approved and the rest had to clean up.

Me and a few others stayed and ate lunch on the boat. While we waited for lunch, we watched some Netflix and rested. For lunch it was pasta carbonara. After lunch we took a walk to the center and we took a tram up to Alfama and to watch the view from the various platforms up there. It was really beutiful. You could see so much, both the coastline and the colorful buildings. On one of the platforms there were two guys playing guitar which was so beautiful, so we stayed for a bit listening to the music and watching the view.

After Alfama we went and had dinner and then we went back to the boat. A wonderful day in Lisbon simply.

Clara, port watch


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