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A day full of sweat chilli

One more day in the galley as usually, for 12 straight hours with the best chefs ever. I prefer to be in the galley so, I thought this day would be great but it had up and downs.

I was in the galley as I have been the last cup of days on this sea leg. I have the 8-12 watch which means that we served breakfast to the free watch. Then we prepared the lunch. After a few hours in the galley with Anna the chef, we decided to serve the food at three ó clock. The watch that started the meal enjoyed the bread that I baked the night before. The night before was quite an exhausting one, I had to serve dinner to the whole crew. After that I had to wash the galley and beak the bread to this day.

Today we were supposed to make noodles with chicken and soy sauce. Unfortunately, the sweet chili sauce got finished before I got to eat, so I had to eat the noodles without sweet chili sauce. And now I didn’t know how survive without that sauce for 2 long days. But I skipped the sweet chili and went to talk to my 2 friends on the boat. Then one of my friends got the idea to make my own sweet chili sauce. I ran to the head chef to ask him if I were able to make my own sweet chili sauce. He told me that it was a good idea, so we walked to the galley and started to make the new sauce.

I cut some green chili and started to fry them. Then I added the other ingredients to the pan. I waited for 2 hours for the chili sauce to cook before it was time to cool the sauce down and then taste test. When we tasted the sauce it tasted very sweet, so we added lemon and tasted again. This time it tasted like burnt sugar, because the chef told me to cook it for 2 whole hours. So, I threw the sauce over board and got mad for a little while.

Later at my watch, I was going down to grab ketchup for the late-night snack. When I were looking in the food hutch I found my wonderful sweet chili sauce in the hutch next to the one with ketchup. This made my day and I could sleep with a nice smile on my face.

Have a sweet dream about chili sauce, goodbye. Julie Edvardsson NAB 2023


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