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A day full of work and laughter

The day began when we got awake at the same time as usual at 07:00.

Like every morning it’s so hard to get out of bed and I couldn't even hold my eyes open. It didn't get better knowing that it was a watch day full of work when my other classmates had the chance to sunbathe on the beach in the lovely weather. But one thing we looked forward to was that our friend Maja would come. This made the day much expectant. Before this day it has been a little empty because we were just forty-three of forty-four but today after lunch when she will come we knew everything would feel perfect again. However, after a long time in bed I was supposed to hurry up to don’t miss breakfast. Each passing day, fewer and fewer people come to breakfast. Probably it’s because everyone is more tired for every day. Anyway, I can’t understand how you can miss a so wonderful meal like breakfast, especially on Gunilla. I ate porridge and a sandwich with egg, sooo good!

The clock stood at 07:50 when everybody in my watch, portside, ran forth and back in the corridor to be in time on the daily line up. We waved goodbye to our other classmates that would go to the beach and then we started to work. The whole day we learned new things, like every day as well. We were finally finished at 17:30 so me and my friends Estelle, Adam, Iza and Vera climbed up the rig. The weather was fantastic and it was sunset and a clear blue sky which was so beautiful and made the day more unforgettable. At this moment we were almost on the highest top of the boat and life felt alright, or unbeatable! In perfect time for dinner we climb down. On the dinner table it stood salmon with broccoli and rice and soya, it was one of the greatest dinners here onboard so far.

Later we celebrated that our missed friend Maja had arrived. In one of the cabins we started the discolamp, turned on the music and danced. After an hour when the clock was 21:00 I went on work in two hours again to guard the boat. This day wasn’t so special but it was a great and educational day, but the highlight was when I finally saw Maja jumped out of the taxi and came walking toward the boat with her bags.

Alicia, SA2023


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