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A day in bed

Today was not a normal day here on Gunilla. I hurt my knee so I’ve been relaxing in my bed the whole day, which by the way never happens:).

You would maybe think that I would appreciate a day of when we have been here for so long, but it was an extremely boring day. Now when we have sailed for a while and we know how to really do stuff around here, you actually want to be a part of it at every minute. If I got to choose between being in bed all day or working on deck with my friends I would easily pick working. Anyway, now I’ll tell you about a day while being sick on Gunilla. First when I woke up my friend gave me breakfast in bed which was very kind. Even though I’m so done with eating the same sandwiches every morning I still ate it. I was surprisingly hungry. After breakfast I fell asleep again and slept until lunch. I guess I needed a day of more than I thought. At lunchtime my friend once again was really kind and came with a plate of meat and potatoes. After lunch, unaware about being very tired, I started to read a book called “cirkeln”. Unfortunately I quickly fell asleep again. It also probably didn’t help that I had already read the book once. When I woke the next time it was dinner and you can probably guess how I got the food. I have to say that it was kind of nice being served like that for one day, lucky me that I have so nice friends. As I said earlier, this day was very boring, so I’m sorry but after dinner I once again fell asleep and this time I didn’t wake up until the next morning. At least I got to sleep for a day which apparently was something I needed. Makes me wonder how much everyone is gonna sleep when we get home. Probably every day, all day. This is sadly enough all I have to say about today but I guess it’s okay to hear about a normal boring day sometimes too.

Linn Frisk


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