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A day in Bremerhaven

Good food, nice weather, maritime museum and nothing less than the school ship Deutschland. What more can you ask for such a nice day as here in Bremerhaven.

Today we woke up at seven o'clock. I had been a ship guard at night and did not get much sleep, which had made me very tired in the morning when I fell asleep halfway into our dining room to have breakfast. But then I came up with it, we were in Bremerhaven and nothing can ruin a day in Bremerhaven. So I got quickly ready for my first full day in the city.

After the same old line-up at eight o'clock, we set off. Neo, my classmate and childhood friend had since yesterday looked up a maritime museum that was in the harbor so we went there and checked out the place. Immediately when we got there we were met by several old ships and boats that we went into. The coolest ship I thought of was the Seeflake which was a 58 meter long towing and firefighting ship. Why I liked that ship best was because of its history. During World War II she was sunk by the Allies in Kiel and later on got repaired. But that was not enough, later in the war, she was sunk again, which led them to lift the ship once again from the seabed in 1950 to be repaired.

When we were finished in the museum, it was time for food so we went to the center to find a restaurant. But on the way to the center, a crazy turk jumped out of nowhere and asked us if we were hungry and of course we said yes to this because we were hungry after all. Then he said quickly and almost a little aggressively that we should go and sit down in the restaurant so we just did as we were told and went into the restaurant. Then he came out again to our tables. We were not ready to order the food, so we quickly started talking to each other about what we wanted to eat but we got quickly interrupted by the turk again who started choosing the food for us. Luckily it ended well, we got good döner kebabs which we all liked even though it felt like we had been tricked for a while.

Full of food in our stomachs, our next location was the ship we had been waiting to enter since we saw her when we went into the harbor yesterday. The ship we were going to was the 86 meter long fully rigged school ship Deutschland, which was built in 1927. During World War II she became a mobile hospital where injured soldiers were allowed to come to. Then after the war she became a school ship in Bremen to train new seamen until she was later renovated into a museum. So if you ever come to Bremerhaven, I definitely recommend going here to the Deutschland ship and checking out all the other nice boats around in the area.



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