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A day in Portsmouth

Second day in Portsmouth. I haven't been ashore yet because I had watchday the day before.

When I woke up in the morning I was really tired because I sat at watch 04:30-06:30. But I was really hyped to put my feet on land. In the morning we ate breakfast at the boat, brushed our teeth, changed to better looking clothes. We were going to Albert road so when we had permission to go we started walking towards Albert road. The weather was good, birds flying in the clear blue sky, beautiful old and modern buildings and lots of nice people.

At first we walked to some secondhand shops with many nice clothes. I didn't buy anything but Simon and Cajsa bought some clothes. After the shopping we went to a typical British restaurant and ordered burgers and nachos. We were shocked how good the food was, it was a huge burger with really good fries and the nachos were absolutely amazing. The waiter was an really nice English man with a typical British accent witch was really nice to listen to.

Then after the dinner we went to a small book shop, where the books lay in shelves but some had fallen down on the floor. The owner of the shop sat behind the counter with a book in front of his face and a coffee in his other hand, a really comfy store.

But then at the evening we had to walk towards the boat again cause some musicians were coming to our ship and eat dinner and play music with us. We ate dinner and then they started singing. They sang most sailing songs such as “What should we do with the drunken sailer” and “Pirate! Pirate! Pirate!” it was really fun to sit and sing along and sometimes just listen and enjoy.

Then later in the evening when they were done I had studies to do, so I went to my cabin grabbed my computer and started writing. Then later at the night me and the boys played some xbox 360. It was a really fun day, to visit the famous second hand street/road “Albert road” eating them amazing burgers and nachos with the British waiter then later on the evening just sit and listen and sing along to the music, doing some homework and then just chilling with the xbox.

Andreas Norman, starboards watch


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