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A day in Taghazout

Today we have been in the neighbour city Taghazout.

I have been in Taghazout before with my family and I do not have the best experience from this pale little town. However, it was great to visit this pale little town with narrow passages, dirty streets and surfboards outside every other shop again, only for a few hours and not a whole week like last year.

It takes about 30 minutes to walk through the whole village if you don’t stop to admire and take pictures on every aesthetic corner, blue wall or palm tree you see, as my friends did. My alignment was boring because I have already seen all this, but surprisingly I got really happy to see the same view again. I even bumped into my friend who I got to know last year! He seemed really happy to see me and even though it was a little hard to understand his sign language, he told me we should go to ”Mouja” the Café where we used to hang out with the locals last year. Hungry we walked to the café with hope of seeing my other Moroccan friends that usually drinks coffee and plays guitar there. But sadly, when we arrived we were met by nothing but a lonely surfer and the staff. My Moroccan friends were probably on some beach practicing yoga or surfing, which this little village is known for. But we were happy that I knew about this cosy place because of the great view of the beach, the fast Wi-Fi and the delicious food.

We waited for the bus to take us back to Agadir for half an hour and when it got there it was crammed with people. But satisfied as we were we did not complain of standing in the bus for another 30 minutes and explore the Moroccan bus culture. The people who already sat on the bus did probably not agree with us. Well I would also get a bit annoyed if there were 9 tourist teenagers in a hot bus talking loud and laughing at home in Sweden.

Xoxo Malena


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