Öckerö gymnasium

A day in the blue

Another day, another watch full with work, practice and more.

As per usual when we are at sea, the routines start to kick in such as sleeping whenever and wherever you can. This is something I noticed when we had a fire drill and three people were late, that I later found out were sleeping thru the alarm at first and came up on deck wearing pajamas. Later that day at the ship meeting, there were four people missing that was found in the common room sleeping.

Another thing that was wonderful today was the weather. The sun was shining and no clouds to be seen. A bad thing with the nice weather was that the wind was almost non extinguishable during the day which made the sailing quite slow. Since we are trying to make it to Funchal as soon as possible we have decided to turn on the engine, which is a little sad but necessary.

One of the best feelings today was when I was able to help some people in my watch, one of them wanted help finding and learning the names of different ropes. The second was helping a person with fear of climbing in the rigg. Hopefully tomorrow will be as good, if not better, than today. I wouldn´t complain if we got some good sailing done.

Felix Berg, portside


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