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When I woke up this morning at 11:00 am I was full of energy and was ready to catch the day. I jumped out of my bunk without falling down wich made me a little bit proud of myself because it´s not the easiest thing to do because it´s slippery and when you´re tired, wich you often are it´s pretty easy to fall down, and also the waves don´t make it easier.

I got ready and put on the clothes I was going to wear when I had watch before I went to eat lunch, and since I was going to be in the galley I put on some comfortable clothes.

I looked forward to be in the galley because I think it´s funny to help the chefs, but also because right now it´s not so funny to be outside if it´s raining. It didn´t rain today but if it would start to rain I would have to have a lot of clothes because my slicker leaks in. That means that I have to wear my fuol weather gear over my slicker so I don´t freeze to death, but when I have that I can´t move a muscel. I walk around like a fat and clumpsy ball and I can´t even close my harness!

At 12:00 am it was time to go on watch so me and my roomie Hulda went to the galley where we had a really good time. We prepared and served some food and helped the chefs when they needed help. The best thing during this four hours of watch was that we ate a lot of fruits, that is one of the things I miss the most here!

During our watch we had to take two pauses, the first one at 14:00 am when we did a security practise. We practiced to climb up the emergency stairs. The second one were at 15:40 am when we had our usual sunday meeting with everyone on the ship. During the meeting we talked about some different things like the ending dinner we are going to have in Malaga. We also talked about wich kind of belts you can and can not climb with in the rig. This subject came up because one of my friends, Tyra, climbed earlier in the day and when she furled a sail she dropped her belt so it fell down. That can be dangerous because if a person pass by under the rig he can get hurt, so after that everybody that got a certain type of belt, wich were pretty many, had to change it to a seizing wich is kind of funny. Luckly I didn´t have to change my belt.

Between the time we went off watch and when we went on watch again at 12:00 pm, I showered, hanged with the others that were off watch, studied and ate dinner. I also slept two hours before my watch, wich was really nice.

When it was time for watch again, Hulda and I got the task to bake scones and make hot chocolate for us and our watch. It was extremely delicious and the best thing with being in the galley is that you can make a little extra scones and hot chocolate for yourself. So after we had served our watch and cleaned the galley, we sat for almost 2 hours and just ate and talked. It was really cozy.

When the clock got 04:00 I could finally jump up to my bunk and cuddle in the sheets and sleep for 7 whole hours.

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