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A day in the kitchen

My Day has consisted of being in the kitchen. It was a long day that finally ended after 12 hours of work.

The day started like every other day, you wake up at seven and then eat breakfast then it is line-up at eight o'clock. Today it was my turn to work in the kitchen and I had to clear the breakfast tables immediately after the line-up. When the breakfast was gone, and the dishes were clean it was time to start with lunch. Lunch today was paella, so I chopped many different vegetables and I also got to learn how to wash rice, something that apparently is very common in Japanese restaurants according to the chef. The paella was really tasty and it smelled good in the whole kitchen of all the saffron that was cooked.

When the lunch was ready and the tables were clean I got a one hour break. I spent the break in my bed listening to a documentary about a school class from Sweden who crashed into a rock wall in western Norway. The break went by fast and when I came back it was time to cook dinner. The dinner today was good, and I think everybody on the boat liked the food. The meal consisted of meat, potato gratin and bearnaise sauce. After dinner, we took all the dishes and cleaned the whole kitchen. The day ended with me and my friends watching movies together.

Arvid Molin, amidships watch


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