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A day in the mountains

Today was a planless day so I decided to just go with the flow and follow my heart which led me up to the mountains with a camera in my hand.

“Good morning, good morning! It is seven AM and today is a beautiful day so it´s time to wake up.” The voice was loud, and I recognized it immediately, it was Lovin waking us up after his nightwatch. What a wonderful way to wake up after a good night sleep I thought and turned around in my bed. On the wall there was a magnet saying “carpe diem” or in English “catch the day” and that’s when I decided that that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

The first plan of the day was to visit this museum, Museu do Aljube, a museum telling the true, horrible story of the Portuguese colonization. We took a cab there and walked around for about an hour, it was very interesting but hard to read about. After visiting the museum, me and my friends wanted to go to the outskirts of the city, so we went to Cascais to visit a fort called Castelo dos Mouros. We took a cab to this little village on the foot of the mountain and walked our way up to the fort.

The way up was beautiful. We walked on narrow, steep roads, in quiet woods filled with colorful flowers and trough small villages with cobblestone roads. At last, we had reached the top of the mountain and I must say that the view was beautiful, you saw all of Cascais and Lisbon from up there. It´s impressive that the Moors could build forts like that in the 13th century.

After a look around the fort and a stop at a coffeshop we walked our way down the mountain and took a cab home. When we got to Gunilla the dinner was served, meats with potatoes and mushroom sauce. It´s such a luxury to get your dinner served every day, especially when your tired after a long day of working or exploring the city.

Life here is just wonderful, like a dream.

// Maja Holmén, Starboard watch


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