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A day in the park

Today was supposed to be departure day so we had already explored most of the island. So we decided to spend a cozy day in a park and have a picknick. We then learned some very interesting things about the other sailing ship in the harbour.

I started the day by taking the opportunity to sleep in. But by eleven we decided it was time to get up and enjoy our last day in the Azores. We walked to a supermarket and bought some yoghurt, cheese, crackers and fruits to bring to the park. I googled up a nice park nearby where we went. By the gates to the park there was a man who told us the park was very beautiful and popular. We went into the park and realized that might be true during the summer but today that wasn’t true. We sat down in the rose garden (except there were no roses) to enjoy our picknick. We ended up staying until dawn playing card games and chatting. By the time it was past five we realized the park was empty and had already closed. We then went to the gates to try and get out but it was locked. We tried to find somewhere else to get out, but couldn’t and we felt like we were in the movie ”A night at the museum”. We found a man in the park who explained that we could simply push a button and the gates would open.

We had dinner at a sushi restaurant and afterwards we decided to go visit the other sailing ship in the harbour since they’d already come to visit us the day before. We got on board and the captain gave us a tour of the boat. The interior was incredibly cozy with lights hanging in the roof, wooden interior and in the big mess they had a little chimney. He told us about the boat and that they usually do researching projects in the Arctic and sometimes they had polar bears on deck. Later on this year they’re going to be at drift for 100 days doing research. They’ve also done some movies and onboard they’ve got a small boat with the ability to fly. A great end to a great day! Tomorrow we’re heading off to Lisboan.

Elsa Fjordstrand, starboard


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