Öckerö gymnasium

A Day of New People and Experiences 

Life on Gunilla today began as usually with breakfast and ended with a nice relaxed evening with movies and card games but the time in between was not as predictable.

After the normal morning routine we started walking towards the first visit of the day, a girl school. A few girls from the school gave us a tour and let us sit in on two different classes. I myself got to enjoy a beautiful reading of a script from a couple of students in an english class and did a difficult test in business class. When we were done with failing in business class, because of complete confusion, we got to socialize with the other students in a courtyard. I found it quite funny to see all the really tall guys talk to the students since they were all very short. After I had accidently tricked a girl in to giving me free crisps from the schools café it was time to eat lunch.

For lunch we went back the ship that we all love to enjoy a delicious lunch made by our marvellous “backisar”. They served an extraordinary meatloaf with mind-blowing flavours that took me to heaven and back again (I may be execrating for effect…).

The next event on the agenda was an interesting trip into the fascinating life of the younger boys living in the city of Gibraltar. We were first intimidated by the ominous vibe of the school when seeing metal bars covering the windows and the brick walls surrounding the entire school grounds. Thankfully our minds were soon stilled when we were introduced to the nice and welcoming boys that divided us in to groups and showed us all the orthodox yet multi-cultural aspects of their own little school society.

When all of that was done we returned back to our life on Gunilla so that my watch would have the time to clean the entire boat before our newfound friends would stop by. Then we could give them a tour of the magnificent ship that we’ve all learned to consider home. Sadly we had too much to clean so we did not have time to complete out tasks before all our guests had left but we still got to enjoy the cinnamon buns.

Elin Rydebrink




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