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A day of new routines

Will it ever feel like an everyday experience being thirty-four meters up in the air? What would I know, but today was the day we all started what might become just that, a routine.

Seven o’clock, that’s when we experienced our first ”purrning” on Gunilla, with other words one of the crew members woke us up with some kind words and the weather of the day. The schedule was fully packed with different things to learn about and how to do it on the boat. With six different stations the crew taught us all kinds things, from how to clean properly and where everything is to what to do in emergency situations. But the talk of the day was of course the climbing the rigg.

One step infront of the other all forty four of us made our way up, some higher and some lower but all with exclusive grace. I can guarantee you I was not … the minutes befor jumping on the horse. But up I went, and as the higher I climbed the better I felt. It was an indescribable feeling, being that high nearly completely free. The thought that if you would let go you would fall ca 30 meters without stopping came to you while climbing. That’s also when the heart started to race and the doubts came crawling in but with just a look and the of wind against my face that thought was like blown away with it and all that was left was the amazing and exhilarated feeling.

After an amazing lunch starrbord made they and midship got free watch and left me and my watch on cleaning and kitchen duty. Me and two others got the to be ”backisar” on our first watch. It was really fun, we helped making the food and cleaning, we most probably made one or two misstakes as well, some that didn’t get notised and some that did. Like I killed a cockroach and apparently when you kill them it becomes a lot more of them so if we I wake up tomorrow with a cockroach epidemic in the kitchen, I’m so sorry to everyone ;).


Norah Bengters


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