Öckerö gymnasium

A day of the life as a Gunilla student

Today I got woken up at 03:30 in the night. Here on the boat we say that you get “purrad” which means that you get woken up. I was very tired because I did not sleep very well because of the constant moving waves crashing into the boat. I got up and got dressed in warm clothing after a while of rethinking why I was here, in the middle of nowhere on the Atlantic ocean on a boat.

At 04:00 we all met on halfdeck to change
watches. Today I was rondman. I did the daily check on the boat to see
if everything was working as it should by following the rondman paper.
After I was done with my check, I sat down with the others in my watch.
We did a music quiz with our watchleader about her music taste. We sadly
lost but then something happened. I saw a dolphin jumping above the
water in a perfect bended movement. I quickly told the others and then
we went to the front of the boat where they all swam together in sync.
After our watch was over it was time for breakfast. I ate the daily
oatmeal as I usually do. I sometimes eat bread but the butter is
unsalted which makes it less good so therefore I have recently only been
eating the oatmeal. The cheese that is served to be put on the bread is
frightening and funky, because it tastes odd and looks very weird and
way too orange. It is American hamburger cheese which makes it even
weirder to put on the bread. It would be better if it was melted and was
combined with two slices of bread and then roasted with a sandwich pan.

In a few days we will finally arrive to The Azores. Getting a tattoo
would maybe not be such a bad idea. I really look forward to seeing land
after only seeing the ocean day after day for about two weeks. I am also
getting more thankful for the life at home where you can pick your own
bread in the store and eat Swedish food and eat food you crave.

Alicia Resch


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