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A day of windy WiFi hunting

After a big breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and pancakes, we all gathered up on deck at 7.55 am as usual. What was a bit out of the ordinary today was the sky, looking nothing like the clear blue skies we have been blessed with during our previous mornings in Bermuda. Instead, it was a dark gray.

We kick-started the day by getting the engine going and Gunilla moving. As the Danish ship that used to be next to us now has gone out sailing, we moved to take their spot in the harbor. It wasn’t more than seventy meters or so, but it kept the people on watch busy for an hour. As they were all out working, the dishwater colored sky opened up. The rain didn’t last long, but it still came as a disappointment to all of us, ruining our plans of going swimming.

However, the science students who weren’t on watch had to go against the rain’s will and get to the beach anyway. The reason for this is a project where we are comparing the marine life in Bermuda and in the Azores. Luckily, the rain stopped before we arrived at the beach, but since it got replaced by wind it was still a bit unpleasant to get into the water.

The rest of the day was spent in many different ways. The people on watch did a lot of maintenance work; painted a door and applied oil to the fiferail. They also put up two old (but freshly repaired) sails again. We have had some other sails up for a while, since the ones we normally use got destroyed during the storm.

For the ones of us who weren’t on watch, WiFi hunting was a common activity. As we are approaching two weeks with barely any internet connection, we are all looking to send some last messages to our loved ones, as well as downloading tons of music. The nature here is stunning, so some decided to combine the hunt for WiFi with going hiking. But while the scenery is gorgeous, the architecture isn’t too bad either. Therefore, the ones of us who weren’t really up for walking simply spent the day in town, taking advantage of the free WiFi in the town’s square and looking at the pretty buildings.

Johanna Engsner, starbord


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