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A day onboard Gunilla

The day started as usual with the portships watch and the midships watch changing shifts at 7.55 am.

The day started as usual with the portships watch and the midships watch changing shifts at 7.55 am. But suddenly, in the middle of our “shift-change”, we hear someone shouting ”Adam, I think we got a fish on the hook!”, (Adam, portships watch-“leader”, had a fishing line in the back of the boat). Everybody got so exited that we all ran to see if it was true, and sure it was, a beautiful turquoise fish were now moving back and forth, trying to release it self from the sharp hook. Adam took the fishing line with fast and confident grips, until finally the fish got up from the sea, now even more beautiful with the sunglimmer on its skin it almost seemed like it turned golden. We all got so fascinated and distracted by the huge fish that we totally forgot that we had watch, but Kenneth (our chief officer) kindly reminded us that it was time for us to come back.

However, the day kept going with our watch between 8 am to 12 am, I worked in the kitchen which I like a lot. You get to play your own music and you talk with each other, you learn very much about everybody that works with you. Plus, I really enjoy cooking. Afterwards its nice to hear how people appreciate your work, but I have to give most of the credit to the chefs, Kalle and Johannes, they can make anything taste delicious.

After our watch, it was time to studie. When we studie we all sit in this giant room called “stora mässen”. Except for when we got lessons here, it’s more like an “get-together-space”. Sometimes we watch movies here or play games and when we’re not on sea, we serve food and eat in here. So “stora mässen” comes in handy very often.

Around 6 pm our lesson came to its end and finally we were free to do whatever we wanted to do. Personally, I get very tired from all the work we do, so I took my chance to nap for a while, before our watch started again, 8 pm. The “night shifts” are very tough, because of how tired you are. And my watch are responsible for all the cleaning onboard, so for about an hour a day we clean the whole inside of the boat. The best feeling I know is when the night shift ends, you fall asleep right away and the beds are surprisingly comfortable so even though you don’t get a lot of sleep, you get a real good one.

Linnéa Sundberg


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