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A day on Gunilla

The matter of writing a blog that contain the content of a day on Gunilla is in my opinion rather challenging. Many things happen, but a lot of them are probably already covered in other blogs. Since I haven't read any of them, I will tell you about something that I am certain we haven't done any other day. Today we visited an oil rig.

The day started as any other would, half my cabin and I missed breakfast due to the urge to sleep, just five more minutes, as you do. We got up just in time for the morning assembly. At the assembly, Anna told us that we had the possibility to visit the oil rig further down the pier, we were to leave after our morning classes, and so we did.

The oil rig was a big clumsy thing, just six years old but already rusty and had the looks of a much older vessel. Later we got the explanation, there were just seven to twelve people onboard at the moment since it was waiting for another client and the owner wants to cut costs. Their job was, in their words, “to keep the lights going”. I suspect they do a bit more than that, but they don't have the manpower to do renovation. We got a tour of the entire rig, and it was very interesting. It had six 2000 kW/h caterpillar engines to generate electricity. A few more things happened today as well, but they were quite standard and do not compare to the fact that the crew aboard the oil rig invited us to party with them any time a certain light was lit aboard.

Hampus, starboard


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