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A day outside the coast of Spain

After a few days of tuff sailing we finally got to rest up a bit when we arrived in a bay on the east side of Spain. When we got there the wind calmed down and we all could have some time for studying without having to worry about things falling all over the place. 

My day started at 7.00 when my rome was woken up by someone from portside. We got up to eat breakfast at 7.15 and afterwards all of midships started to prepare for our first watch. After the gathering at 8.00 the crew needed to launch the mob (man overboard) boat, thankfully not because someone had fallen overboard but just to check that nothing was stuck in the propeller. Apparently it was a watch from the day before that had run over a fishing buoy so the crew needed to check that it wasn't any net stuck in the propeller. It wasn't much to help with but some of the Trainees got to hold the boat away from different ropes that got in the way. After this it wasn't much more to do, I climbed in the mast and tied up one of the sails with some others while the rest was on deck and fixed with some other stuff. After this it was time for some fika and after that we didn't really do much more on that watch. We mostly sat on deck and just relaxed. We wrote some songs to sing at the next change of watch.

After the line-up at 12.00 midships ate lunch and after that it was time for lessons. First we had free choice and after that Swedish and physics. At the lessons i focus a lot on getting all of the physics questions answered. I also worked on the Swedish assignment although this didn't go very well. After we had finished all the lessons it was time for dinner in the little mess. After I had some free time but decided to join starboard in their lessons. I worked some more on the physics and then it was time for the 20-24 watch.

At the time we got on our watch we had started to leave the bay, although we didn't do this by sailing but by engines it was quite nice to see some new land instead of just sailing around in the same spot we had done the day before. This watch it wasn't much to do either, we claimed in the bowsprit and wrapped up the headsails. This was quite late at the evening so the sky was very dark so you could see the stars, but you could also see all the lights on land which was quite beautiful.

Märta Lundskog, Midships


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