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A different kind of wakeup

This morning we left beautiful Belize around 10:00 AM. I think it’s very sad that we’re leaving this place since this probably was my favorite harbor we have got the chance to visit so far with Gunilla.


On the other hand, it is nice to be back with the routines and out sailing again (although we probably will keep the engine on for a while until we get better winds).

I wish I got the chance to tell you all about the beautiful nature and people of Belize, but I think my classmates has done that job great in the blogs before me, and no matter how wonderful it was, I do understand that it may be tiring to read over and over again. Instead I can tell you about the happenings that occurred on Gunilla tonight. Around 3:00 AM we all got woken up by the fire alarm. Everyone, besides the ones in the portside watch watching the anchor, was in deep sleep and I think the most of us got mildly chocked waking up to the extreme sound of the fire alarm. Everyone was very confused and here and there people hummed “Is it for real? Are you sure it isn’t just an exercise?” With confused minds and sleepy eyes, we all gathered quickly on main deck and after a little while Jörgen luckily told us there was no danger. Something was wrong with one of the fire alarms and it started without any valid reason, which was very releaving and meant we all could head back to bed. Times like these makes you understand how important it is for everyone to know what to do when there is an emergency.

Jenny, Midship watch


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