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A dirty day of tarring

My day started as usual. I hit my head on the roof, but I got my beauty sleep so it was okay. I was exhausted from the evening before. Getting out of bed was extremely hard, it was far too easy to fall back into slumber. I just had to close my eyes, effortlessly. I had many first impressions last night though. I met English people and played football together with some of my friends.

This day was somewhat laborious, we had to apply tar on all of the wire in the rigging, even if a group had done it earlier. Their work wasn’t approved by our superiors. They had missed far too many spots. It took many hours to do the foot ropes on the yards. I thought the topsail yard was one of the most demanding, because it’s so high up. You don’t feel like you can rely on the harness enough and your ability to lift the foot ropes in order to tar them. You have to lift the ropes since you have to tar the entire wire. It takes a while to find a position where you can lift the wire with one hand and use the other to tar.

Right now I’m sitting in a room called “Stora Mässen” in swedish. My face and hair is very dirty. I really have to take a shower and remove all of this tar.

Today, not a lot happened to be honest. The only thing I did was apply tar. Soon I will be having dinner, oven baked potatoes and grilled chicken. According to the person that helps in the kitchen it tastes pretty good.

I’m excited for tomorrow because I’m going to meet up with the English people I met yesterday so they can show me a store where you can buy crystals. I encountered 4 girls who were studying at the University of Plymouth and we shared our snapchats with each other.

Now I have taken my shower, but unluckily there was no warm water left, just cold :(

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