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Adventures on horseback

Today was the last free day for the portside watch. Therefore, the french part of the watch and I, did our language-trip.

The plan was to go to a little fishing village on the Normandy coast and spend our day in small, cozy cafés. But guess what? We´re all a group of lazy teens and since the bus left Cherbourg 07.40, we decided to sleep in and eat late breakfast on the boat instead.

When we had woken up (around noon) we left the city for the main event of the day; riding horses! The eight of us got one horse each and I was terrified. I turned out to be the only one of us who had never been on a horseback before but that didn’t stop me. I dragged my tiny, trembling body upon that massive horse and tried to look cool. Partly because I wanted to look professional among all the others and partly because we told the horse-guy we’d all rode before. Oopsie.

Anyhow, when I got the swing of it I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. If you imagine the french countryside as you’ve seen it in movies I bet it looks exactly like the places we rode through. And then imagine seeing it from a horse’s back. I can’t explain how pretty it was so you guys will just have to believe me when I say it was the highlight of this port.

Before I finish this blog I just have to tell you one more funny thing. The guy who taught us all of the riding things had a really thick french accent. Every time he tried to say ”horse” it came out as ”arse”, and even more fun is that he said ”arse” maybe once every other sentence. This we had a lot of fun with.

I hope my arse-experiences has brought some kind of joy to all of you back in Sweden. If not, there hopefully are some other fun blogs here somewhere for you to read.


Sarah, portside watch


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