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Adventure time!

Today was a perfect day including some extra sleep, exploring and excitement for the big day tomorrow!

The day started with us being woken up at 7.45 which is 45 minutes later than we usually get out of bed. This sleep in was necessary for all of us and at 8.30 it was time for breakfast. Since I was supposed to be ”backis” (the chefs’ helper) today, me and two other put the breakfast at the tables. When everyone was full and satisfied the class headed to the bus, because today was adventure time!

We happily jumped on the bus excited to see this mysterious island and what it had to offer. The trip included a guide showing us different places on El Hierro. For example we stopped at a look out spot with a magical view that caught our breath. It almost felt like a dream.

However, even if we could stay there all day to observe the surroundings, we had more things to experience before the sun would set behind the volcanic mountains. The bus driver took us around the island and my favourite part was when we went to some natural salt water pools. Although the sun was behind the clouds and rain drops from above froze our bodies, everyone was in the right spirit and thrilled for a swim. The water was refreshing and clear as crystal. For me, the water was a bit too cold, but perhaps it's because I may be fastidious with what temperature the water should be to feel well pleased. Nevertheless, it still was refreshing and it seems like the rest of the class was amused by it. Anne-li even had to wizzle so the ones who couldn't get enough of the dream- alike water got out of the pool in time, to make sure we would stick to the schedule.

If we were done with the ocean by then?- No. A few moments later we were on our way to another swimming stop. This time the sun was with us and again, without hesitation half of the class was in the sea, playing and snorkelling. Unfortunately that was our last stop. When we came back to Gunilla, my watch started working while everyone else was free of duty. I don’t have a right to complain though, we only had to work for two hours until the tables were filled with a taco buffet that turned into a success.

Lastly I would like to thank Anne-li for arranging this excursion. Today really fulfilled me with new impressions and memories which I'm grateful for. Now I will go to bed in hope of being rested until I wake up, because tomorrow is a big day for me and Anna since it’s our birthday then. On one hand it feels weird to celebrate my birthday without my family. Yet I still look forward to spend that day with my friends here. I think tomorrow will be memorable, just like today!

Take care// Ebba


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