Öckerö gymnasium

A farewell to captain Hans

Since almost all the maintenance work is done for this trip, and it’s too early to start the finishing clean up, we have less and less to do on our watches.

Because they don’t want us just sleeping on half-deck, our watch leaders have been sending an exaggerated amount of trainees to do easy work, which is quite frustrating. For me as a lad who prefers work that has to do with directly bringing the boat forward
it’s satisfying to know that we have to do less painting, lacquer work or mousing. However, this makes me restless as well. During this night watch though, we got the chance to have one of our valuable music breaks with Captain Hans. With guitar and tambourine me, Zelda and Ture accompanied Hans and his violin. The rest of the watch sang along to songs from Evert Taube, Cornelis Vreeswijk and more modern hits. Since it was our last watch with Hans before he will sign off in the Dominican Republic, we took the chance to say goodbye with a song written by the watch. He got as emotional a captain can be in front of his crew, and we were happy with the performance.



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