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After rain comes sunshine

Today is our second day on Gunilla and it's already started to feel like home. We woke up at 7 am to a dark sky and pouring rain. After forcing ourselves out of bed we ate a delicious breakfast. Then at 8 am we had our first real line-up. Were we hoisted the swedish and spanish flags, then we got some information about the day.

After the line-up we continued to get acquainted with gunilla and it's staff. For example we learn about the work in ”Byssan” (the kitchen), we got a tour were they showed all the fire equipment and talked about safety, we also learned how to climb the mast which I thought was very scary but also so exhilarating. At 10 am the sun finally showed up and it became very warm.

After lunch (carrot-soup) Midship started their first shift. But I'm in Babord so I was free for the rest of the day. I spend the time doing some homework ( I wrote this blog) and then after the dinner we went to the beach and took a dip in the water. The water is actually really warm and the sunset here is so beautiful. Then after swimming we ate some excellent Ice cream ( for only 2 euros) before going back to the boat. While buying the Ice cream I also got to work on my Spanish skills, it didn't go that well but at least I tried. The beaches are quite pretty, in fact the whole city is beautiful with it's old buildings and nice people.

Were all feeling great but tired, because of the lack of sleep. Today there are only 3 days left until the real journey begins and I'm so excited! Tomorrow we'll visit Sevilla, but that will the next student tell you more about.

/Olivia Babord


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