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A good day

Today started very nice, for the first time this voyage I woke up before I was supposed to. I decided to go up on deck.

It was so beautiful, the sun was shining and it was warm outside. Midship was working hard up in the mast.

After a while I got bored and went down to watch a movie. Time passed by fast and soon the clock turned 11.15. I went back to our room to get dressed for breakfast/lunch, I decided to eat lunch. The lunch today was pasta carbonara. I thought it was lovely. After the lunch we had to get ready for our watch.

At 15.55 we are supposed to be on half deck. One in our watch was sick so I offered to take her post. I was so nice to be post today, I tanned the entire time. There was almost no wind today so we went by motor. We wanted to hurry so we could sail by the wind that were ahead of us. Even though I was post I thought the watch was fun. We wrote a song that we later sang to portside. I think they appreciated it even though they didn’t say it.

After our watch we hurried to our lesion that started 16:15. Today we worked on math and history. Me and my history group did a podcast about a museum that we had been to in Plymouth. It was a success.

Time went by fast and it was time for bed.

Klara, starboard


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