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The day started with hard work in the rig. And a lot to do with the sails. But a great afternoon on “backen”(the front deck).

Secondary day on our way to Bermuda.

We went up at 7 a.m. and eat a very good breakfast and the feeling that we are at sea is far away. The sea is very still, actually the waves doesn’t exist. It feels like we are in harbour, but one thing is different… No wind, and the engine is going at full speed which mean about 7 knots. Our first mate had an idea that all the sails could help us to going faster, but it didn’t work. And as normal we in the “port watch” need to take down all the sails. Actually, we took down 10 sails and “fixt” 5 more. We also changed one of the sail after we discovered a hole in in it. It was hard but a good work from all of us in “port watch”. But we still have a hope that it could blow up and we can turn off the engine and go for sail again like we did on our way to Charleston.

The captain Anders is a good man but also a good fisher. Today we got two big common dolphinfish (mahi-mahi). Hopefully our Dos will put up a picture on the fishes at Gunillas Instagram.

26 °C in sea
Wind 2 m/s
5,6 knots
Position: 32°57.5508N

Take care of you all!

Emil Andersen, Sjdm1619


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