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A great anchor day

Today we finally dropped the anchor on the lee side of Isle of Wight outside Portsmouth. From here you can see the famous Spinnaker tower witch is in the centre of the city where we will be in harbor, witch means that we crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

When we lay with anchor you work at the day just as we do at sea, but the night watch is cancelled, only 2 students have to sit and watch the boat with one of the officers in command. My watch has the 4-8 watch so 2 people sit from 4 to 6 and two other from 6 to 8. Also someone has to make breakfast in the morning, witch unfortunately will have to be me. Even though, I like the days when anchoring because you can hopefully sleep the whole night and you are free most of the time and everything is very chill. In the evening we had a little concert on deck. Karin and Hans sang and played some shanties in the sunset and we had a very cozy moment witch we all will remember.

I think the trip from the Azores here went much faster then from Bermuda to the Azores, even though it was only two days more then. The weather has been quite cold and foggy but we´ve had a lot of fun. We have sailed most of the part, but the last days we had to go by machine because we had headwind. It is a bit hard to understand that we sailed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. And it´s hard to realize that we are going home by boat. We flew away without a return ticket, I think it sounds very cool. We miss you at home, I´ll see you in only 11 days!

Kind regards

Ivar Westin


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