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A Great Day in the Mountains

Today, we were on a hike all day in the mountains. We had a fantastic view and I got the opportunity to take a lot of great photos.

Today, it was time for the long awaited hike on Corsica. We went on a ride with a bus to the mountains, with a lovely view over the valleys and the ocean. The ride was a bit frightening though since the road was right next to a drop to a certain death. The sight of a car that had drove of the road and was now laying on the side about 30 feet down from the road didn't make us more relaxed either.

The bus eventually stopped, so we got out and started our walk. After about two hours we stopped to eat our baguettes that we had brought with us, brie and salami actually made a great combination and i got a lot of energy to walk on. After a few shorter stops we arrived in the village at around 1:30 p.m. We met a dog, who didn't seem to have any owner nearby, so a few of us played with it. I prefered not touching it to avoid getting lice or rabies.

We went on a shorter walk around the village, which took about 5 minutes before we had seen it all. We then went back to the rest of the group who sat at a cafe, having a good time. The staff wasn't very happy though since we occupied almost every table which prevented them from getting any other customers. I went to another cafe with two friends then, because one of them wanted a panini. They didn't have any unfortunately, but in there were five men having a hotbox, meaning they all smoked and you could barely breath or see anything inside. We left pretty quickly to get some air again.

We once again headed back to the group to leave with the bus. However the dog was back and didn't really want us to leave. When we drove off we realized that the dog ran after us, and it wasn't going to give up in the first place, it ran and ran for a few minutes before we could drive away from it.

Shortly after I fell asleep and nothing more really happpened that day,


Rasmus Frennfelt, amidships watch


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