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A hot sunny day

Today my day started with me and my friends going into town at half past nine in the morning.

Unfortunately, no shops are open on a Sunday but we successfully found a place where they sold churros! We bought a whole kilo! The churros were nice and I recommend you trying it. I also recommend you buying some fresh fruit – it’s so good!

After eating churros, we went to the beach because it´s hot here in Spain and we like the shining bright sun and the beautiful blue sea. After you’ve been a hole day on the beach it´s just one thing you want. And need. Can you guess what? Two words. Ice cream.

In Cádiz, you can find different ice cream shops almost everywhere. The ice cream here is delicious! You can choose the more common flavours like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream or why not pick lemon, raspberry, mango, melon, hazelnut, dulce de leche, banana, vanilla with chocolate, orange with chocolate or kinder ice cream? If you want you can also try some uncommon flavours like mojito ice cream, mandarin ice cream or why not after eight ice cream?

This is my ice cream – rate:

  • Banana 2/5
  • After Eight 4/6
  • Cookies and cream 5/5
  • Mojito 4/5
  • Cheese cake 5/5

This is my friends’ ice cream – rates:

  • Chocolate fondant 3/5
  • Vanilla with nuts 2/5
  • Melon 4/5
  • Brownie 5/5
  • French nougat 3/5
  • Coffee 4,5/5
  • Passionfruit 4/5
  • Kinder Bueno 4/5
  • Pistage 3,5/5
  • Cookie crumble 5/5

This is the ice creams I want to taste:

  • Melon
  • Brownie
  • Passionfruit
  • Princess cake

I’m so excited about trying this princess cake ice cream because I’ve never heard of it before. I want to taste it! Even though I did not do that much this day, it was enjoyable. A nice hot day in the sun eating ice cream. I’m looking forward trying all the different flavours and eating a lot of ice cream!

Alexandra Murray, Amidships


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