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We are now at Ajaccio or at least near Ajaccio. We knew that we would not be able to come into the harbour because of the bad weather but I would not expect that we would be lay by a buoy.

I woke up early because of the music that was playing in my ear. As usual I had slept with my headphones on and the music was on all night as usual, though the track that I woke up to was a different one then last time. I looked at the clock, 06:40. It is later than I used to wake up at home but here at Gunilla everything has changed. I chose as usual to just listen to music and wait until I had to go up and dress for my shift. Because we couldn´t attach to the port we still had the shifts that we use out at sea. This meant that we would work for four hours and then I could sleep again, or we would attach to the port. I don`t eat breakfast so I dressed up for my shift and went onto the main deck. When we shifted the shifts the captain told us that we would arrive at port on my shift. This meant that we would work the whole day instead of having the four hours long shift. After the swedish fika at 10 we went out to arrive at port. We did as usual and at 11 we had officially arrived at Ajaccio. But because we were in port it didn´t mean that it would not be any waves because we got one of the worst places in the port. This meant that the waves in the port made the boat heel. This made it extra important to check the hawsers. We worked to lunch and the break was well needed for everybody, the meals and the fika is a morale boost for the ones who work. The food is great on board and it is needed. The one thing that everybody waits until is the meals, not only because you´re hungry but also because it tastes so good. After the lunch we went out to work again. And one thing i don´t understand is why 1 hour is different when you work and when you have fun. When you work 1 hour feels like a day sometimes and when you have fun it feels like minutes. You feel it extra much here on Gunilla, especially on the night shifts. We worked until dinner and after that the night shifts started. My shift was in the middle of the night and in my opinion I got the best shift because you can sleep before and after the shift. So because the shift was in the middle of the night I had free time until 01:30. I chose to listen to music, talk to my family and friends and sleep. This is what I normally do which makes you feel more like your home in Sweden. The thing is that you can´t be alone on this boat very often so the times when you can isolate yourself just for a moment, is for me at least very important. I later woke up for my shift and after my shift was done i fell asleep in my bed again. This is what a normal day on Gunilla looks like for me at lest. You work, you eat, you work again, have free time and then you sleep as often as you can, if you want. I usually consider sleeping a very boring thing to do so I often work extra shifts at sea and in port I like to sea the culture of the cities and enjoy the moment because I will probably never visit any of these places in the future.

Tim Ekdahl


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