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Alghero in sight!

G’day! I certainly hope everyone is doing well on the internet. As for us on the ship, things are going downhill in terms of health. At the moment a total of 5 people have fallen ill. The nurse suspects that a virus of some sort has invaded the areas onboard.

Anyways, today I woke up at 11:30PM and my watch begins at 12AM. The weather outside was pretty pleasant but the temperature was on the colder side. However the watch it self was nice and comfortable. Earlier that day we had a good breeze which enabled us to sail a bit. However, that wind quickly died off and we had to prepare for a night of unstable weather. The radars indicated small areas with big downfalls of rain and stronger winds. Therefore we had to put away a lot of the sails. We do not want to make the same mistake as we did a few days back when we sailed from Barcelona to Ajaccio, we hit a storm with a lot of sails out which caused the ship to list 40 degrees to starboard, very uncomfortable! Except from the preparation for the unstable weather we didn’t do that much work during the watch. My watch finishes at 4AM and it’s straight to bed after that.

Fast forward 7 hours and it’s time for my next watch. We start at 12PM and work until 4PM. This shift was pretty similar to the previous one. Some adjusting of sails and other things. At this point we are only making way with the engine running, which is slightly odd for a sailing ship but apparently the winds on the Mediterranean Sea are very unpredictable. So for the majority of the time at sea we make way using the engine.

Now that I’ve finally completed my watch it’s time to have some fun with the rest the crew that are not working. We all take a seat in ’stora mässen’. It’s basically a large area onboard which is for dining and socializing. We begin to play a game called ’mördarleken’. It’s was good fun and it lasted for about 2 hours. We also had time for a quick card game before it was time for bed.

Today is a new day and the good news is that we will be entering the port of Alghero in 3 hours. I’m really looking forward to seeing the city and I think it will be a blast.

That was all for me, have a nice day.

Malin, Babord


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