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A little bit different Valentine's day

Yesterday we left Lisbon and we are now our way to Madeira.

Portside started the day like any other day ate the sea with be “purrade” awakened at 7 am by a tone-deaf singer from starboard. The breakfast started 7.15, in portside the most wake up to breakfast but we are often slow to the line – up that should be 07.55 am.

In the morning it was sun and didn´t blew so much It was a nice morning. Later under the watch whether became worse.

Today is valentine´s day, how can you even celebrate that day on a sailing boat. At the line – up Brita had a bowl with pieces of paper with all the students’ names on. Every student toke one patch and then you would be a secret admirer for the person rest of the day. The ways to show attention were a little different but it became a lot of love letters. It was fun and cozy to write together and even to find a love letter on the pillow when you came back from the night watch.

On the 3 o’clock coffee break we got sponge cake with a chocolate heart, that we baked yesterday when I was “gally rat” working in the kitchen.

In spite of all the fun during the day, many of us became seasick. Besides that, almost everyone on the boat has more or less of a cold which makes the watches less than they would be. When portside just had started our night watch I feel sick. It turned out that I had fever.

Rebecka Johansson, portside


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